Some Would Say 003 – Technical Difficulties

I wanted so much for you, our dear listeners, to hear this entire pod…it was a real winner. We have the introduction of Megan or “Mayen”, our first official guest, who we hope will be a semi regular guest, but will hopefully direct her voice towards the mic next time. We should have noticed the distance between her and the recorder, but we did not so a recording that was 1 hour and 38 minutes got chopped down to around 56 minutes. Anyway, enjoy this episode. We forgot to introduce the show and we forgot to close it out coherently, but in our defense, we were drunk. Some would say wasted. See what I did there?

Some Would Say 003

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  1. Unknown

    The stream of consciousness is wonderful. I like the topics, I like the flow. And I like the beauty of the flow….

    Keep on keeping on!!!!

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