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  • Some Would Say 006 – The Worst One Yet

    Hello! This was not our best. Feel free to not listen to this one and we will do better next time. We discuss Celsius, decanters, Memorial Day, Indy, Jenna’s naked […]

  • Some Would Say 005 – Racist

    Hello! Welcome back! Here we have another exciting episode of Some Would Say. In this episode we cover blunt paper, alcohol killing people, our strong friendliness to the gays, our […]

  • Some Would Say 004 – The Uncircumcision

    Howdy! This episode is brought to you by the letter…no we aren’t doing that. We had a lot of fun doing this episode! Jenna brought a really killer “Craigslist Creeper” […]

  • Some Would Say 003 – Technical Difficulties

    I wanted so much for you, our dear listeners, to hear this entire pod…it was a real winner. We have the introduction of Megan or “Mayen”, our first official guest, […]

  • Some Would Say 002 – Let’s All Wear Catheters!

    In this episode, we talk about movies, pronunciation, circumcision, and bullying…among other things. Also the theme music has been added! Jenna and Matt were sober for this recording…so less cutting […]

  • Some Would Say – 001

    Welcome to the first episode! It is actually like the sixth episode…but those others will probably never see the light of day! I’m (M) lazy so minimal editing is done […]

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the Some Would Say podcast blog. Here is where you will find the episodes as they come out! This is all very new and we don’t have proper […]